Olentangy 1_5_15I’ve been reading about people making new year’s resolutions to meditate on three things they are thankful for daily. Some people are writing the words on slips of paper and filling up their “gratitude jar” or using some type of system to track all the things they are grateful for so they can stay positive. I’m planning on doing something similar and hoping to post some of the items on this blog throughout this year. The items are more than just things I’m thankful for (cuz I’m thankful for pretty much everything that doesn’t bite or kill me) – they are items that hold some type of magick or sacredness for me, whether it be the timing of when they appear, or the energy I draw from them or give back.

This morning I walked along the banks of the Olentangy River in the chilly winter air. My thermostat said it was 12 degrees, but I felt warmer today than I did yesterday evening when it was rainy and wet, a chilly 30-something degrees. I went to the river with intent – I wanted to gather my thoughts for 2015. There were several magick items that appeared to me on this journey and the first one appeared as I took my first few steps into the woods. It came from a friend’s son, Robert, who suddenly passed away on a family vacation about 2 years ago. My friend sent me a text that buzzed as soon as I took my first steps.



What a way to start out this intentional hike, huh? The image she sent even shows a person going through a tunnel, similar to a bridge tunnel that I was about to hike through. So my friend and I exchanged a few texts and then I was left in my own head to ponder this message from him.

Later, I saw several squirrels, including a fatty-boom-balatty red squirrel, all plump, either from his winter fat or from his fur puffed out. He crossed the path just a few feet in front of me, sort of showing off, and as I called out to him, he ignored me until he got to the end of a log laying about 20 feet from the path. He stopped suddenly and then went into his squirrel pose – you know the one, with his tail curved and him sitting on his back haunches?



He wasn’t directly facing me, like this one in the photo, but rather looking in another direction but I know he was looking at me peripherally. And that is why he made this post – I love that animals are sneaky like that. You just know they think they are being all nonchalant but there’s some type of energy that usually gives them away if you pay close enough attention.

The final magick was on my way back, only about 100 yards from my car. A sycamore seed pod, containing thousands of seeds or achenes, that are disbursed by floating with the wind appeared right in the middle of the trail and it had a distinctive white dot on it. Probably bird poop, but I took it as a sign that it was the one – for better or worse, that’s what popped into my head when I saw it.



During this hour long hike, I kept singing the lyrics to Iggy Azalea’s Fancy which really weren’t appropriate. “Trash the hotel, let’s get drunk on the mini-bar” didn’t fit in at all with what my intentions were, but it was one of those songs that even when I pushed it out of my mind for a few minutes, it crept back in when I was least expecting it. Maybe my NY’s resolution should be to get some musical taste.


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