When Numbers Lie – A Slow Money Solution

The numbers lie. That was the simple message that Woody Tasch, author of Slow Money and founder of the Slow Money Alliance presented to the audience at the OEFFA conference last week in Granville, Ohio. Specifically, we’re talking about the numbers of Wall Street, the GNP, or any numbers that we’ve been told indicate prosperity and progress. To illustrate this simple message eloquently, Woody quoted Robert F. Kennedy. The quote is in its entirety is replicated here; I think it’s worth listening to from the man himself and meditating on:

If you didn’t attend the OEFFA conference last year, you owe it to yourself to make plans to attend next year. The show has been sold out for the past several years. When I tried to register in late January last year, it was already full.

This year, Woody Tasch, and Ohio chapter coordinator Filippo Ravalico focused on sharing the concept, framework, and achievements of the Slow Money movement. As the discussions progressed, I became acutely aware of the energy level in the Granville High School Auditorium rise as people became aware that they were empowered to turn the financial mess of the world around.

By embracing the Slow Money concept and participating as an investor or a producer, the key concept that becomes a critical part of your mindset is LOCAL COMMUNITY. It’s a concept ignored by the Dow Jones average. Woody pointed out that even within the financial community, no one can name all companies that make up the Dow Jones average, yet this is how we measure the health of America’s economy.

Another interesting observation that Woody presented is that we give our money to people we don’t know, who in turn give it to people they don’t know, halfway across the globe. It’s no wonder the system is failing in many ways.

Like many people I spoke to this past weekend, I’m excited to make 2012 a year in which the people of Ohio began to support their communities once again. Whether you are a farmer, a producer, a distributor, or an investor, it’s an idea whose time has arrived.


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