The Length of Seasons and Reasons

For the past year or so, I’ve been making an effort to reduce the multiple ways in which I alter my environment in order for it to fit my needs. No, not my needs, my wants. That’s the whole point, actually – contemplating needs versus wants when it comes to altering my environment. Last winter, I typically only used oil lamps for lighting after dark. I admit, I have a long way to go. I still cooked using electricity and often had a radio on. But there was something about using oil to meet my lighting needs that made me feel more connected to the earth. Perhaps it was simply the fact that I was one step closer to convincing myself that I could become self-sustainable if we were to revert back to an era in which our culture was not destroying the planet. I thought about this a little further though, and quickly realized who am I kidding? Where would I get the oil for the lamps? I could use the oil from the deer or other animals that I killed. If civilization collapsed, how would I kill the deer? Eventually, and probably sooner than we think, if I stayed alive that long, there would be no more bullets. I would need to learn how to use a bow and arrow.

Wow, this is a lot for this vegetarian, peace-toting girl to adjust to. I think about a friend of mine, who shoots with a bow and arrow and uses every part of the deer, even the skin to make some great boots. Next weekend, I’ll get to see her, and will possibly even eat deer meat, if she has any to offer, as a way of respecting her and her way of living.

So, as I notice that the evening light does not stretch across my yard at twilight as far as it did a few short weeks ago, I’m faced with thoughts of winter, and of adjusting to a different season, and contemplating my reasons for taking from this earth.


One thought on “The Length of Seasons and Reasons

  1. Don’t give up on living without outside electricity. You or I could use waterwheels in creeks to generate electricity. Or rain could be channeled into a cistern which turns a water wheel. And there’s the bike like at paw paw festival (making ice cream) which could be pedaled to make power. What to do with the power generated? In Nepal they used electricity from solar cells to charge car batteries, that at night powered 12 v lights. Just a few ideas

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