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  1. This video shows the photo essay by Chris Jordan that inspired my very first post. Please only watch this if you are prepared to see beautiful creatures killed by the current culture of the modern world.

    How am I doing on my quest to eliminate plastic from my life other than what I currently own?

    Within 15 hours, I came across my first “gotcha” item. They were mini-pads.

    I’ve got two days left for my vacation and I needed to buy these. I don’t have the option of buying them without plastic adhesive strips or the plastic packaging they come in.

    This dilemma prompted me to find this site - and the many links to sites that sell alternative options. Many woman are making their own in fun stylish organic hemp fabrics.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about these. I’ve been considering this option for quite awhile.

    I reviewed the sources for these products and ordered a couple of different styles from Taking the first step to gain control over my purchase of a “necessity” without purchasing plastic really feels like an accomplishment.

    Take that PLASTIC!

  2. So, after a month’s attempt at ridding myself of new plastic in my life is more challenging in the grocery store than any other place. EVERY food item comes in plastic! I am starting to adopt the habit of bringing my own containers and buying bulk whenever it is available. However, many of my essential foods do not come in bulk. What are my choices? I am looking into making yogurt and sour cream from the raw milk that I purchase.
    I’m also making choices about the necessity of purchases. For example, I haven’t been able to find my compact face powder for several weeks now, but buying another would mean more plastic. So, I’m going without. It took a few weeks, but I’m used to seeing myself, even at work, without even the little bit of make-up I typically wear. Who would have guessed that by refuting plastic, I will have also simplified my life and shed some cultural addictions that I needed to be pushed a bit on before giving them up?

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